A Trip You Don’t Want To Take!

Whether you are working from home, or just browsing the internet, computers are an essential part of our lives. Depending on where in your house you are working, cords can be a hassle.

I hate having cords running across the floor; I always get tangled, trip and smash my face on the floor. Or, the cords come out of the device, sometimes ruining it.

Fun to explain to your IT guy that all you did was stand up, take one step and pulled the back of the computer apart.

So, a solution is installing a floor box next to you easy chair or work station.

Arlington’s FLBR5420 series RECESSED FLOOR BOX KITS offer great new features, like two low voltage openings, an ultra-thin stamped steel flange, and flush-to-the-floor in-use and blank covers. Here’s the solution for cost-savings and easy installation of a receptacle and low voltage connections in an existing, hard surface floor.

Because the flange is ultra-thin and the wiring device is recessed these floor boxes reduce the trip hazard caused by plugs protruding from the box.

You can also have power and now TWO low voltage openings, without the need for a divider, in the same box. That’s convenience!

Installation is quick and easy with a 5″ hole saw. Four mounting wing screws attach the 24.5 cubic inch box securely to the floor. Also included in the kit:

  • cULus Listed 20A tamper-resistant decorator-style receptacle.
  • Covers: SIX finishes/colors Metal in brass-plated, nickel-plated and antique bronze-plated zinc.
  • The powder-coated diecast zinc is available in black, brown and light almond.

With the Arlington FLBR5420 recessed floor box kits, you can now focus on planning that trip to Aruba instead of a trip to your floor!


Power up your Garden!

c26-B002W6ZP0K-1-lSpring time is here! Time to clean up all the nasty stuff in your yards and gardens that winter left behind.
If you’re like me, and you have an electric leaf blower, weed whacker and hedge trimmer, then you know the pain of dragging a 100 foot cord through the yard. It always manages to get wrapped around a flower pot that gets dumped over, creating even more work (not to mention you might need to sleep with one eye open after your wife finds out that you killed her favorite plant).
Wouldn’t it be great to have outlets all over your yard? Yes friends! Now you can with the Arlington Gard-N-Post! This is a great way to install outlets and lighting throughout your yard.

Arlington Gard-N-Post GP19B

• Molded-in color is permanent – unlike painted posts where lawn equipment chips the color off
• Openings on both sides of the post for back-to-back power
• Low voltage separator provided for Power use on one side and Low Voltage on the other (phone, security, & cable TV)
• Built-in stabilizers need no assembly and provide rigid support
• GP19’s stabilizers offer greater use of above ground height
• GP26’s taller design provides additional height for wiring devices and increased burial depth
• Angle cut post for easy access to underground wiring
• (2) 1/2” KOs for a UL Listed enclosure