Get the Party Started!

America the Beautiful. Surfin’ U.S.A. Breakfast in America. R.O.C.K. in the USA. My Independence Day playlist (celebrating the holiday not the movie) is ready for the backyard BBQ I host each year. There is nothing I like better than putting together a playlist for a party.

But before I can start my 4th of July BBQ and cue the music, I need to set up the patio furniture and the cornhole tournament bracket. I also want to make sure that everyone can see when the sun goes down and the fireworks end, which is where Juno’s LED step light cutoffs come in!

These step lights are versatile for indoor or outdoor use as well as wet location rated. The JUNO 838LED-13W-40K-120-WH LED STEP LIGHT CUTOFF 41K are perfect for mounting into my brick stairs leading up to my house. They can also be mounted into a concrete pour, drywall, or used as an LED retrofit kit for existing June PL115 lights.

Here are more reasons why I chose the Juno 838LED step light:

  • They are energy efficient and provide 50,000 hours of life
  • 4100K color temperature
  • 120V input
  • Include a 5-year warranty on LED components
  • Die cast aluminum housing painted white for durability
  • Gasket for water-tight seal in wet locations provides IP65 rating with 838LED trim
  • Includes these components for housing:
    • Cover plate
    • (2) ½” conduit compression fittings provided for wiring
    • Conduit fitting plug
    • 2 brackets supplied for nailing unit to studs
  • The recessed housing design is IC rated and can be covered with insulation
  • Safety considerations:
    • No harmful ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths
    • No lead or mercury
  • LED light engine and driver mounted directly to trim assembly for ease of wiring and installation into housing after rough-in.

The Juno step lights keep the BBQ going! Now all I need to do is make sure the Independence Day (the movie) soundtrack is ready when the playlist ends. Cue the Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum!


Show Me the Light!!!

Coleman Portable LED Worklight

As most electricians know, a lot of their work is done in dark, cramped areas.

Climbing in attics with blown in insulation, dragging your tools and a flashlight clinched in your teeth. Stop to take a breath, drop the flashlight and it’s forever gone into the abyss of nasty, itchy insulation.

Or, trying to drag a 100ft cord with a portable light on the end, when the cord gets tangled and caught up in some 40 year old Christmas decorations.

Here at Gordon we have a great solution for these problems! Coleman has a portable LED light that is rechargeable!

Designers Edge L1320 Eco-Zone 24-LED Rechargeable Indoor/Outdoor High Intensity Portable Work Light with 3ft Cord

  • Produces 779-lumens of light output with 5700K Daylight color temp
  • Suitable for both indoor/outdoor use, Die-cast Steel construction
  • Directional light control with adjustment knobs and solid Steel H-Frame base
  • 3-foot cord and Weatherproof on/off push button switch
  • Dual Charge/Run feature – runs approx. 1hr 40mins on full charge


It’s light weight, so it’s easy to carry and big enough to defend yourself from any critters you may run into in a crawlspace.


View this product on our site here.