Partner Spotlight: EC&M Product of the Year 2021 Nominations

Every year, Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine hosts a competition for the top product of the year where readers can vote for the winner; voting ends on June 28th. This year there are 32 nominations with some familiar companies and products that make it difficult to choose only one Product of the Year.

We want to share congratulations to all of our partners who were nominated. Thank you for your innovation and hard work!


Be Careful What Buttons You Press!

5952554So, you’ve finally worked up the nerve to ask the girl that works at your favorite 8-track, vinyl album, and vegan yogurt shop! She has agreed to come to your place for a movie and drinks.

The evening starts great, a few glasses of wine, music and you finally got to make your move and sneak your arm over her shoulders. An hour goes by, great conversation, another glass of wine, and you decide it’s time to change to mood.

You grab your phone with your free hand and say “Create Scene”. Suddenly, the lights dim, the shades close and the temperature in the room drops. You look into her eyes but her face turns to terror and she jumps up!

You try to grab the TV remote, but there is no feeling in that arm you’ve had over her shoulders for an hour. Fumbling, you get the remote and hit the wrong channel. Suddenly you hear out of the surround sound “It puts the lotion on its skin, or it’s gets hose again”.

Your date runs screaming out the door…

The wonderful technology that controlled so many aspects of your home, just by using your voice was Lutron’s Caseta Wireless System! …Just be careful how you use it.

Smart Bridge PRO with HomeKit – P-BDGPRO-PKG1W


  • Enables control of lights, shades, and temperature using the Lutron App
  • Compatible with Caséta Wireless dimmers and switches, Serena battery-powered shades, Lutron Wireless Thermostat, Nest Learning Thermostat, and select Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats
  • Easy to install; just plugs into your Wi-Fi router
  • Uses Clear Connect® wireless technology— no callbacks
  • Also compatible with Lutron Triathlon® battery-powered shades and select styles of Sivoia QS Wireless shades
  • Adds integration with third-party A/V remote controls and security systems

Lutron App for smart devices

  • Works in conjunction with the Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO
  • Control individual lights, shades, and thermostats—even when you’re away from home
  • Add scenes to control multiple lights and shades with a single touch
  • Schedule scenes to adjust lights and shades automatically
  • Download for free from the App Store or Google Play
  • Works with the Apple Watch for control right from your wrist
  • Use the geofencing feature to automatically turn lights on as you arrive home/turn them off as you leave
  • Receive notifications on your smart device if you’ve left the lights on when you leave home
  • Use the Widget feature to set a scene without unlocking your phone
  • Tell Siri to turn your lights off and close your shades just before bed, or dim the lights for movie time