How to Find Out Which Breaker the Outlet is On 101.

Unless all the breakers are marked correctly, it can be a real pain to find out what breaker is connected to an outlet. If you own an expensive circuit tracer, then the job is easy. But if you don’t, there are only a few options.

First, you can plug a light fixture in, run to the panel, shut off the breaker and run back to see if the light is off.  This will give you a great workout, but isn’t exactly efficient. Or, you can plug in a radio, tune it to your favorite station and turn off breakers until the music stops. The problem is, if the outlet is too far away from the panel then you will have to crank up the volume and if it’s a good song, who wants to shut it off?

Well I found this cool device from Reliance that can take care of this problem!

The THP109 Circuit Scout – Circuit Analyzer and Breaker Locator.

Simply plug in the device, move switch to ON and device will sound (adjustable) siren up to 105 dB until circuit breaker is turned off and outlet is no longer live, identifying the outlet that is fed by a specific breaker. Analyzer: color-Coded LED’s identify specific problems with outlet wiring and it has a GFCI test button.


Power up your Garden!

c26-B002W6ZP0K-1-lSpring time is here! Time to clean up all the nasty stuff in your yards and gardens that winter left behind.
If you’re like me, and you have an electric leaf blower, weed whacker and hedge trimmer, then you know the pain of dragging a 100 foot cord through the yard. It always manages to get wrapped around a flower pot that gets dumped over, creating even more work (not to mention you might need to sleep with one eye open after your wife finds out that you killed her favorite plant).
Wouldn’t it be great to have outlets all over your yard? Yes friends! Now you can with the Arlington Gard-N-Post! This is a great way to install outlets and lighting throughout your yard.

Arlington Gard-N-Post GP19B

• Molded-in color is permanent – unlike painted posts where lawn equipment chips the color off
• Openings on both sides of the post for back-to-back power
• Low voltage separator provided for Power use on one side and Low Voltage on the other (phone, security, & cable TV)
• Built-in stabilizers need no assembly and provide rigid support
• GP19’s stabilizers offer greater use of above ground height
• GP26’s taller design provides additional height for wiring devices and increased burial depth
• Angle cut post for easy access to underground wiring
• (2) 1/2” KOs for a UL Listed enclosure