Product Talk

Earning Their Hazard Pay

Every once in a while I think of my first job after high school: working as a janitor at my old school. Thinking of being a summer janitor reminds me of the first day my coworker and I began painting the roof overhang of the middle school. Our supervisor led us to one side of the building overhang where a pile of plywood and metal poles lie. We asked him if we could grab ladders to reach the overhang, and he looked at us for a moment before looking back at the pile of plywood and metal poles.

“This is the scaffolding you will be using. You two will need to put it together and use two of the plywood pieces to level it on the ground and roll it to the next spot.”

That was the day I looked up the term hazard pay.

Hazardous locations subject to weather, corrosion, dampness, flammable gases, and more are one ahead of two story old scaffolding. Whether indoor or outdoor electrical components for these locations need to be durable and ready to last through anything, which makes me thankful when I spot Hubbell Killark products.

Hubbell Killark has a variety of solutions for hazardous locations like the KRS-218-120 20A Receptacle/Box that more than earn their keep. So unlike my janitorial job, Hubbell Killark equips you and/or your facility with solutions prepared for safety and durability.

The KRS-218-120 20A Receptacle/Box also include these features:

  • Factory sealed receptacles
  • Copper free aluminum
  • Straight or angle type receptacles
  • Delayed action contacts
  • Plugs with a wide range of grommet openings
  • Extra long grounding pole makes contact first and breaks contact last
  • Heavy duty construction to withstand rough and constant usage
  • KR Series plugs and receptacles are perfect for hazardous locations
  • Where a heavy duty plug and receptacle is necessary
  • Where a connection is required for portable or movable equipment such as
    tools, motors, hand lights, etc.
  • KP series plugs use solder terminations for sure connection
  • KR series receptacles use wire leads for termination