Product Talk

Gone Fishin’, Gone Greenlee






Back in 2019, Woody featured a fish tape and his experience with fishing that is tough to top. So I figure it is a risk to share my favorite fishing story and a new fish tape, but this false spring has made me nostalgic to be out fishing this morning.

My dad and I decided to take my younger sister fishing for the first time one early summer Saturday morning. We would wake early to collect bait in the backyard and pack a cooler with snacks and soda before heading out to the pond.

My sister was not a morning person so that was a telling start, but she was game to try fishing after we had talked it up so much. Long story short, she was not impressed with how much sitting around was involved and got her hopes up every time she had a bite. Unfortunately every bite she had turned out to be a shoe, a garbage bag, or a shirt. Meanwhile, my dad and I caught at least one fish each.

But unlike that morning, the Greenlee Reel-X Fish Tape line will leave you impressed. The fish tape is designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic support.

  • Low feed and pull forces reduce fatigue
  • Case promotes neutral arm and wrist postures to decrease strain
  • designed to encourage holding the case closer to your center of mass to minimize discomfort
  • The no-handle case is also designed to fit ALL users and versatile to be held in a position that is comfortable for YOU
  • Free-Spinning Reel eliminates binding and overcomes kinks so that the interior reel spins freely to reduce tape friction, speeding up your pull
  • Each fish tape includes a secondary exit to set your case on the ground to free up both hands while feeding into conduit or pulling
  • Laser-Etched Measurement Markings: steel fish tapes have distance markings every 1′, so you can measure and fish in one step
  • Ambidextrous friendly use! The traditional exit allows for ambidextrous use of the case at any orientation or angle
  • Textured grip and storage lock make transport and holding the case at any angle secure
  • Even better: it makes replacing reel cartridges quick and easy!

The Greenlee Reel-X Fish Tape line is available at Gordon in the 50 ft., 100 ft., and 100 ft. bulk pack options, which definitely makes for a more ergonomic fishing trip!