Product Talk

The Original AI Gordon Trusts

Have you noticed everyone around you and every article talking about AI–Artificial Intelligence? The recent developments have inspired possibilities for using the technology across all industries, but I can’t help but think about a different AI. One that’s been around for a while and weathered many changes.

No, I am not talking about the early 2000’s film, AI: Artificial Intelligence, which is not high on my rewatch list.

I’m talking about Arlington Industries, the AI we trust at Gordon! Specifically their In & Out Cover.

The Arlington 60VC Collapsible Cover is an easy-to-install removable UL Listed weatherproof solution to seal out bugs when not accommodating a plug.

  • The “In” Position: A low-profile cover when “Not In Use” to seal out bugs
  • The “Out” Position: Extending to accommodate a plug
  • The 60VC fits regular-size outlet boxes
  • Fits over all boxes or openings in new or existing projects
  • Removable cover for easier installation
  • 6.274 in. wide by 3.752 in. high by 3.005 in. deep
  • The 60VC fits a duplex, GFCI receptacle
  • Product includes low profile cover, (1) standard duplex and (1) standard GFCI face plate, installation screws, and installed gaskets.

This convenient solution is the AI we’ve trusted for years!