Product Talk

The Modern Modifying ModBox Makes Moves

A nice set of luggage made my Christmas list back in 2012 when I started attending trade shows across the nation. I wanted some luggage on wheels instead of carrying around a duffel bag that had faithfully been with me through years of track meets and practice.

Well that year there was a mix-up in communication and I received TWO full luggage sets. Obviously, I kept both because it is good to have options. Over the years both sets came in handy with frequent travel and a couple apartment moves, but pulling or carrying multiple suitcases was exhausting.

So when I saw the Klein Tools ModBox I couldn’t help thinking about all of these trips when I tried stacking my luggage to pull it across the airport terminal only to have the luggage fall down or tip over. The ModBox is meant for tools, but if I would’ve had that back in 2013 I might’ve brought it with traveling with me. It definitely couldn’t be a carry-on item, though.

The ModBox Mobile Workstation is composed of modular tool box units and accessories that can be customized and seamlessly linked together to be wheeled to any job site. You can even rearrange a ModBox with different components organized in a new order to better suit your project!

Most ModBoxes begin with the rolling toolbox and from there additional components can be added. And yes, a cupholder is an essential accessory. Before you stop by our shop to see a real-life ModBox, you can learn more about the ModBox here:

  • 10″ solid rubber wheels are larger and more durable–perfect for heavy loads and smooth rolling up stairs.
  • Telescoping handle fully extends to 44″ and is removable to provide flexible storage in tight spaces.
  • The low profile of the rolling toolbox enables it to fit under truck bed covers or in car trunks.
  • Built-in side rails accommodate a variety of attachments
  • Components have one-hand release for quick removal
  • There is space to stow awkward and long items like benders to be stored in the back of the rolling toolbox and can easily be accessed.
  • Molded-in divider slots have a second surprising function as receiving rods for 1/2″ EMT conduit for easy wire dispensing.

Go on and check out the ModBox from Klein Tools and maybe you can store valuable tools like we do! Donuts not included…