Product Talk

I’ll Teach You the Electric Slide

Did your middle or high school have a dance unit in your Phys Ed class back in the day? It might be a wholly Midwestern thing like cinnamon rolls and chili served for school lunches (such a delicious combo that I am considering giving a TED talk about them), but the dance unit started out with older dances like the Square Dance and worked its way to modern line dancing. Who knows, maybe Phys Ed classes now end their dance units with some TikTok dance tutorials instead of the Electric Slide and the Cha Cha slide.

All of the students would line up in the gym facing a giant CD player (hooked up to the sound system if your gym doubled as the auditorium) with the Phys Ed teacher in front enthusiastically teaching us the steps to each dance while the students shuffled around half-heartedly. The dance unit was usually the second shortest unit during the year, a little longer than the roller skating unit, but it was always one of the most memorable and oddly the most useful. I have yet to attend a wedding or party where I need to recall how to play Pickleball in lieu of the Electric Slide.

Sometimes the Electric Slide lyrics randomly play in my head when someone mentioned the word “electric,” which is fairly often considering I am surrounded by electrical supplies. These lyrics popped into my head the other day when I learned about Legrand’s new line of Level 2 electric vehicle chargers. I was singing “It’s Electric! Vehicle Charging” to the same tune.

Legrand’s Level 2 EV chargers are available as networked Level 2 (WIREMOLD LNA-EVC1-48-SV1, for commercial applications) or residential Level 2 plug-in options.

Level 1 charging uses power from a standard outlet already in your home with slower charging while Level 2 charging require a 208-240V power source for faster charging.



Using their century of trusted expertise in electrical safety and quality performance, Legrand’s Level 2 EV chargers bring fast, easy, and convenient charging to any electric vehicle. Let’s meet the chargers:

The LNA-EVC1-48-SV1 is the 48 Amp Networked electric vehicle charger preconfigured with the ampUp charging solution for access control and monitoring by facility managers.

  • High power output: selectable from 16A (3.8kW) up to 48A (11.5kW) for fast Level 2 charging.
  • Estimated Ranger Per Hour of up to 46 miles
  • Flexible installation options of wall mount or pedestal mount
  • 18-foot charging cord for greater reach in parking spaces & LED indicator denoting charging status
  • North American standard charging connector, SAE J1772 Connector and OCPP 1.6-J Compliant: compatible with Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6-J
  • Cellular 4G connectivity provides Access Control: Restrict access to authorized individuals with built-in RFID card reader or authorization through AmpUp EV Driver App.
  • 24/7 software support for ampUp subscription of both facility managers and EV drivers
  • AmpUp charge station manager is user-friendly for managing and monitoring charger pricing, analytics, and access
  • Mounting options include wall-mounting charger, single-sided pedestal (XEVPED1, sold separately), dual-sided pedestal (XEVPED2, sold separately), replacement EV cable management hook (XEVHOOK), pedestal base cover (XEVPEDCVR, sold separately), and replacement cable (XEVCABLE).

The L2EVSE40ACP1450 is t he  40A plug-in home Level 2 EV charger that delivers faster charging indoor or outdoor.

  • Charges from 0 to 100% in 8-10 hours! This is 5 times faster than Level 1 home chargers.
  • Provides up to a 38-mile range per hour of charging
  • Includes an 18-ft. charging cable and LED indicator light for charging status updates, storage hook and holster
  • Indoor or Outdoor use ready! Fits easily into garages or driveways with sleek, compact design
  • Comes ready-to-use and preassembled with flexible cord whip and NEMA 14-50 plug
  • Uses a SAE J1772 Connector (adapter required for Tesla models)

Both the L2EVSE40ACP1450 and LNA-EVC1-48-SV1 EV chargers are incentive ready for potential rebates and incentives through municipal, utility, state, and federal opportunities in your area.

*Knowledge of Electric Slide and Pickleball not required for chargers.