The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2023

Happy end of the year! We know there is another full month left of 2023, but we couldn’t wait to share the top five blog posts from this year. These were the blog posts with the most views from January to November 30. You’ll see some posts from previous years making the honorable mention list, too.

So we hope everyone enjoys this early gift down memory lane and revisit some of the most popular blogs of 2023!

  1. The Modern Modifying ModBox Makes Moves—Coming in with the most views is the delightful tongue-twister that is the Klein ModBox post. We loved this one so much, the ModBox became one of the grand prizes for our annual Oktoberfest events.
  2. I’ll Teach You the Electric Slide—It seems like electric vehicles are everywhere now and the Gordon blog is no different. The September Product Talk post shared Legrand’s new EV charger with the world.
  3. Company News: Gordon Knows All Dogs Are Good Dogs—10/10 good dogs all around in this post. One of the 2023 Core Value Award winners chose a local herding dog rescue organization to receive the semi-annual donation, and naturally we had to take a field trip over to see some cute dogs at an adoption event and meet the wonderful volunteers behind All Herding Breeds Dog Rescue. I mean, who doesn’t love photos of dogs?
  4. Gone Fishin’, Gone Greenlee—March is the month of green, which is why it made sense that the new Greenlee fish tape would make its debut on the Gordon blog that month.
  5. A Retrofit That Is Modern AND Retro—Rounding out the top 5 is where Keystone retrofit downlighting collided with the fashion world.

Honorable mention goes to a classic 2020 post “You’re not cool, unless you have a cooling towel!” on the Klein cooling towel, “Company News: Meet Gordon” where we introduce our new mascot, and the 2022 top blog posts.

And there you have it! The five most popular, most read Gordon blog posts of 2023. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for 2024!