When the lights go out…


            Well it’s almost fall here in the Midwest. Days are getting shorter and the weather is changing. Stormy Weekend nights can only mean one thing! Zombie movie marathons on Netflix! This requires special supplies, energy drinks and snacks to keep me up all night long. About 3 hours in, the wind is howling and lightning crashes. Just before the zombies are about to attack on TV, the power goes out!

There are scratching noises on the door, are the zombies here to get me? Or has all the sugar made me jumpy? I slowly open the door.…..no zombies, just a tree down on top of my power lines. What do I do? I’m wide awake with no TV and 4 movies to go!

Lucky for me I have the Generac GP5500 portable generator and 6112 2 circuit power cord. All I have to do is fire it up, plug in the cord, run to the living, and plug in the TV, receiver, and refrigerator. (Who needs lights during a Zombie movie marathon?)

My Generac GP5500 generator has saved the night.


  • The Generac OHV engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life.
  • Large-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and extended run times.
  • Low-oil level shutdown automatically safeguards the engine from damage.
  • Hardened 1 1/4″ steel tube cradle provides durability and strength.
  • Fold-down, locking handle for sturdy portability and compact storage.
  • Hour Meter tracks maintenance intervals.
  • Heavy-duty, never flat wheels for reliable portability.
  • Covered outlets provides added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions.


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