Staying in and staying warm with TPI this winter!

It’s winter in the USA, and let’s be real, we’re cold. Our toes are cold. Our ears are cold. Our fingers? Cold. And all this cold is stuffing up our noses. And our noses being stuffy? Reminds us of spring allergies.

Looking for a heater that will keep you warm, but also aren’t forced air blowing around dust, allergens, and dander? We think you’re looking for tried and true baseboard heating, and our friends from TPI have the perfect solution for you.

A product that they presented at AHR this year was a baseboard heater! With no need to run any additional HVAC Systems, this is a great way to control the temperature within those extra cold rooms where the central heating just doesn’t reach or rooms like your basement!

Product Features:

  • Available in white or ivory with stainless steel heating element and aluminum fins
  • Painted 22 gauge steel front with 20 gauge junction boxes located on each end of the heater – junction boxes contain quick connect cable clamps and 6” ground lead wires
  • Over-temperature thermal limit extends the entire length of heated area
  • A full-length wireway provided along the back of the heater – enclosed conduit available
  • Heater can be mounted to the wall by using the key hole knockouts every 4” at the back of the heater
  • Optional in-built thermostats field installed in the junction box


Polar Vortex


It sounds like a heavy metal band from Canada, “Hey we’re going to see Polar Vortex tonight, wear your spandex AAAA!”
Well in reality, a polar vortex is a large pocket of extremely cold air situated over the polar region that can occasionally break away and venture south into Canada and the United States. What we end up with, is really cold temps followed by a lot of snow, and then more cold air and even more snow. It‘s a viscous cycle that starts in November and seems to never end.
It never fails, there is always something breaking down that I have to work on in my garage. Last year, my fingers actually froze to the handle on my snow blower while I was working on it.
Not this year, I am buying the TPI HF686TC Unit Heater, also known as:
• Operates on 240V or 208V
• Finned steel tubular heating element
• Internal manual reset thermal cut-out
• 6’ long cord with molded plug
• Temperature control thermostat with 35°F to 85°F range
• 10’ air throw – 262 CFM
• Imported to TPI Corporation specifications
No more freezing hands or icicles hanging out of my nose!