Is the TV room getting crowded?

These are definitely some freaky times!!! The best way to stay safe and protect others is to stay inside. If you have a large family, the TV is always in use, but not everyone wants to watch the same program. Not to mention, sometimes we need to separate or the TV room could turn into a wrestling ring!!

What to do, what to do!!

You need another TV, but it’s not that simple anymore.

When I was a kid, it was easy. All you needed to do was plug in the TV, adjust the antenna, and you had 3 channels. (If the screen was full of static, just add some tin foil to the antenna).

Now you must run a cable to the cable box but putting on the connectors can be a challenge.

Ideal Industries has just to kit to do the job!

The 33-620 Economy Coax Compression Kit includes the basic tools and connectors to cut, strip and terminate coax cables.

Applications: RG59 and RG6/6 Quad cable preparation and compression termination for F connectors.

Kit Includes:

  • 33-632 LinearX®3 Compression Tool
  • 45-605 PrepPRO® Coax (59/6/6Q/Plenum)/UTP Cable Stripper
  • 45-075 Data T®-Cutter
  • 10 RG-59 RTQ F Compression Connectors
  • 30 RG-6 RTQ F Compression Connectors

This kit has everything you need to correctly install connectors to your cable!!

So run the wire, hook up the box, and enjoy your favorite programs in peace.

And remember, this virus is no joke. Keep yourself and you love ones safe!! We will get through this!


The only wires that should be in your teeth are braces.

RWB WireStripperWire strippers have come a long way since I was a kid. Then again there really was only one reason for me and my friends to ever use a pair. You see back in the day cars didn’t come with cool stereos with speakers everywhere, no, we had an AM radio and one small speaker in the dash. The solution, head down to the local stereo shop and buy a groovy new AM/FM CASSETTE stereo!! If we were lucky, it fit right in place of the old radio. Next, connecting the wires. We usually ran a wire directly to the battery for power. Not a good idea. Now the speakers!! Since we never had a pair of wire strippers, we would use our teeth to strip the wire. By time we were done there was a mass of wires and tape under the dash and we had sore gums from chewing the insulation off the wires.

Avoid sore gums, and get a nice pair of wire strippers! Ideal for example, has a great line. Right now they are offering a limited edition 100-year anniversary wire stripper. It comes in a red, white and blue color scheme to commemorate 100 years of being made in America!

Ideal 45-619


It’s Time to Get Spaced Out!

IDELINE00564_E32_PE_007It has been a long time problem. You plug in your MP3 player and the outlet pushes about an inch back into the wall. You think its fine because you are jamming out to your favorite Techno-Heavy Metal-Hip Hop band.
When you are finished “Dropping the Nae Nae,” you try to unplug your player, pulling the outlet forward and brushing the hot side of the outlet against the metal box. The smell of ozone fills the air right before the outlet shorts out, sparking, smoking and creating a fire!
This is a common problem caused when the outlet is not secured to the box because it is too deep in the wall. Often, caused by additional wall surfaces added on, such as tile.
Ideal Industries has a simple answer!
The Caterpillars Spacers/Shims 772451
The shims go between the outlet and the box, sliding right on over the screw.
• Eliminates the need to cut plate screws for “GFCI” decorator devices when installing on tile, marble, etc.
• Supports loose outlets
• Prevents broken face plates
• Snaps over #6, #8, #10 screws
• Also works as a shim


Yes, That’s My Bag, Baby!


The gift giving season is upon us! What to get that one special electrician who just can’t seem to keep their tools together? You know the person, they open their van door and everything falls out. Left over material from a job they did two years ago that they “might” need. No reason to get rid of it! It is almost impossible for them to find a tool. They have cardboard boxes with screwdrivers and wire strippers buried at the bottom.
Well Ideal has just the gift to help clean up their act!
The 35-975 Tuff-Tote™ Ultimate Tool Carrier with Shoulder Strap. The Premium Leather Model!
? Eight-inch square tool carrier features two divided inside compartments with six screwdriver loops each, one large center compartment, four outside pockets and eight outside tool loops
? Exclusive leather-wrapped grab handle for carrying comfort
? Removable shoulder strap helps relieve lower back strain
? Unique stand-alone design keeps tools standing upright for easy identification and access
? Rust-resistant, plated-steel hardware and heavy, lock-stitched nylon thread for long-term durability
? Oil and moisture-resistant reinforced bottom