When I was a kid, we didn’t hang the TV on the wall!

LOC-CMK70Televisions have certainly changed over the years. I remember when I was a kid, the TV was a huge piece of furniture. If something went wrong with it, a guy would show up with a huge box of vacuum tubes and start changing them until the grainy black and white picture came back to life.
We had 3 or 4 stations, not including UHF channels. I use to love Sunday morning on channel 44, watching Bob Luce’s Wrestling with the Bruiser and the Crusher!
Now TV’s are about 1 inch thick and mount right to the wall. Problem is, how do you hide all the cables for power and signal?
The Wiremold CMK70 In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit is the answer.

LOP-CMK70-2• Simple installation: Do-it-yourself kit allows for neat and easy installation in under 30 minutes with no electrician or hard wiring involved.
• Pre-wired all inclusive kit: All parts and tools needed for installation are included in the kit, including a pre-wired power cable.
• Hide low voltage cables: Perfect for hiding low voltage cables such as HDMI and other component wires.
• Kit Includes: 2 power grommets with a 54″ harness, 6′ power cord, hole saw and fish tape.