Make A Splash: Pool Timer Time!

Since the pandemic hit everyone has been spending time at home. The winter was brutal, stuck in 4 walls, staring at each other.

Now it is summer and time to get outside. A lot of people are still not going places. These are the people that can still stand to look at each other.

Pool sales have been through the roof!! Giving relief to the boredom of watching movies, playing board games and trying not to kill each other.

Pools can be expensive to run. Leaving the pump on all the time is not necessary, but it does need to run. No one wants a green pool.

The Intermatic P1100 pool timer series is easy to install and can save a lot of money.

These plug-in timers are grounded and utilize a flip-open enclosure rated for outdoor use. Great for providing timer function to pumps, landscaping or holiday lighting.


  • 2 ON/2 OFF settings per day with removable trippers, more ON/OFF events with addition of extra trippers
  • Minimum 30-min ON/OFF time
  • Built into outdoor rated enclosure with clear or black flip cover
  • Grounded standard or locking type style NEMA plug and receptacle
  • Plugs directly into wall outlet





P1100 series


Timing is everything

It’s that fun time of year when we get to play Clark Griswold and decorate our houses for the holidays!!

What a great time, freezing, running extension cord connected to extension cord all over the yard and roof!!

If you’re like me, you have a vast collection of blow molds, lights and even a moving Santa. (I always have to nail his feet to the roof so he won’t fall off.)

The biggest pain is always trying to remember to run outside and turn them off.

Thanks to Intermatic, this is now easy!!

The TN311 Heavy Duty indoor timer will do the trick. You set it and forget it!!


  • 3 ON/3 OFF settings per day with removable trippers, more ON/OFF events with addition of extra trippers
  • Minimum 30-min ON/OFF time
  • Grounded receptacle and 3-prong plug
  • Plugs directly into wall outlet


When the earth floods from global warming, swimmers will rule the world.

INTMATC00013_37_TE_001SUMMER TIME!!!!! As a kid, it was great! 3 months of freedom and no homework. The only problem, what to do all day. My problem was solved the year my folks bought an above ground pool. This instantly made me the coolest guy in town. Everyone wanted to hang out with me to get a chance to swim.
This was back in the seventies, and my main job became keeping the pool clean. That was a big job with all these sweaty, dirty farm kids jumping in and out all day. If you didn’t keep the filter going on a hot summer night, the next morning the pool would be a deep shade of green, which meant you had to pour in a chemical called “SHOCK.” It said right on the jug, “Do not go in pool after adding.” We didn’t care! The only side effects we suffered was having our skin turn white and everything had a fuzzy glow to it. These days though, you don’t have to worry about the filter running 24-7 and wasting energy.
Intermatic makes a great timer, the P1131, just for pools. This unit comes with the L520R receptacle and plug that is standard on most pool filters. They can also be used to turn ON and OFF outdoor decorations, engine block heaters and other appliances, indoors or outdoors.

Intermatic P1131 Outdoor Timer

-24-Hour timer
-Twist-lock plug and receptacle