Who knew yard work could be so electrifying!

Gordon Electric Supply, Inc.Product Talk Who knew yard work could be so electrifying!

Summertime! Swimming, barbecues and yard work.
There is nothing better than being one with nature and getting your hands in the soil. Taking your little hand spade and piercing the earth to give back by planting flowers. As the spade cuts the ground you can smell the fresh dirt and then you feel it! The sharp tingling sensation going up your arm as you see a bright flash and smoke come out of the hole.
You open your eyes and your looking straight up at the clouds. You crawl over to the hole and realize you dug through the power line going to the front post light.
What now? You can’t just tape it up, what to do?
You can use the 3M UF underground splice kit!

3mtm-uf-splice-kitThe UF Splice Kit consists of a connector-insulation assembly and a heat shrink tube. The connector assembly contains four cylindrical set screw connectors separated by a piece of vinyl insulation. The heat shrink tube is a heavy-wall, adhesive-lined tube. Underground Feeder (UF)-B cables are flat, and typically have three solid conductors without ground or two solid conductors with a ground. They range in size from 8 AWG to 14 AWG. The most common UF cable size is 10-14 AWG. The 3M UF Splice Kit is offered in two versions: UF1 Standard Kit includes a 1.8″ length terminal connector and an 8″ length of heavy-wall, adhesive-lined heat shrink tube. UF2 Stretcher Kit has an 11.7” terminal connector and a 20” length of heavy-wall, adhesive-lined heat shrink tube. The Standard Kit is used in most applications. The Stretcher Kit is used in situations where a 7-10 inch section of the cable has been damaged or destroyed. It eliminates two connectors and a short piece of cable during repair.

3M UF1 Standard Kit

3M UF2 Stretcher Kit

Then…… go see the doctor for the burns on your hands!!!


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