Partner Spotlight

The Deadeye chip collector

Sounds like the title of an old western. He walks into the saloon and looks around with his one good eye to find the card game in the corner. He sits down and wins every hand.

The Ideal 36-815 chip collector is a handy device. If you have ever had to drill into a hot panel, you know the risk of the chips falling across the bus bars.

THE DEADEYE™ Magnetic Chip Collector securely attaches to magnetic surfaces and collects metal chips while cutting.

  • Works with up to 2-1/2″ diameter cutters
  • Minimal profile provides improved visibility and access to workspace
  • Integrated keychain loop
  • Protects exposed wires, cables and equipment from hot, sharp metal
  • Prevents hot metal chips from falling on exposed skin
  • Keeps workspaces clean and free from debris