Show Me the Light!!!

Coleman Portable LED Worklight

As most electricians know, a lot of their work is done in dark, cramped areas.

Climbing in attics with blown in insulation, dragging your tools and a flashlight clinched in your teeth. Stop to take a breath, drop the flashlight and it’s forever gone into the abyss of nasty, itchy insulation.

Or, trying to drag a 100ft cord with a portable light on the end, when the cord gets tangled and caught up in some 40 year old Christmas decorations.

Here at Gordon we have a great solution for these problems! Coleman has a portable LED light that is rechargeable!

Designers Edge L1320 Eco-Zone 24-LED Rechargeable Indoor/Outdoor High Intensity Portable Work Light with 3ft Cord

  • Produces 779-lumens of light output with 5700K Daylight color temp
  • Suitable for both indoor/outdoor use, Die-cast Steel construction
  • Directional light control with adjustment knobs and solid Steel H-Frame base
  • 3-foot cord and Weatherproof on/off push button switch
  • Dual Charge/Run feature – runs approx. 1hr 40mins on full charge


It’s light weight, so it’s easy to carry and big enough to defend yourself from any critters you may run into in a crawlspace.


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