It’s Time to Get Spaced Out!

IDELINE00564_E32_PE_007It has been a long time problem. You plug in your MP3 player and the outlet pushes about an inch back into the wall. You think its fine because you are jamming out to your favorite Techno-Heavy Metal-Hip Hop band.
When you are finished “Dropping the Nae Nae,” you try to unplug your player, pulling the outlet forward and brushing the hot side of the outlet against the metal box. The smell of ozone fills the air right before the outlet shorts out, sparking, smoking and creating a fire!
This is a common problem caused when the outlet is not secured to the box because it is too deep in the wall. Often, caused by additional wall surfaces added on, such as tile.
Ideal Industries has a simple answer!
The Caterpillars Spacers/Shims 772451
The shims go between the outlet and the box, sliding right on over the screw.
• Eliminates the need to cut plate screws for “GFCI” decorator devices when installing on tile, marble, etc.
• Supports loose outlets
• Prevents broken face plates
• Snaps over #6, #8, #10 screws
• Also works as a shim